KIS Shortcode

Using the KIS Shortcode

This page explains how to add a KIS Widget to a course page using a WordPress shortcode.

KIS Widgets can be placed on a page in two differet orientations, and two different sizes:

  • Vertical
    • 200 pixels x 575 pixels (large)
    • 190 pixels x 500 pixels (small)
  • Horizontal
    • 800 pixels x 160 pixels (large)
    • 615 pixels x 150 pixels (small)

Shortcode parameters

The UCAS course code.
(horizontal or vertical – default vertical)
What orientation to use to display the widget.
(large or small – default small)
The size of the widget (see above for dimensions).
CSS class name(s) to style the widget container
CSS style(s) to style the widget container.


[kis course="L101" orientation="horizontal" size="large" style="margin-left:40px;margin-bottom:40px;"]

This will insert the appropriate code to embed the large horizontal version of the widget on a page for a course with UCAS code L101. The class “alignright” is used to float the element to the right hand side of the page, and nice wide margins are added using the style attribute.

Setting shortcode options

Global default options for the shortcode (size and orientation) can be set in the Theme Options page.

Although the above example uses the course parameter to set the UCAS course code, course pages should instead use the UCAS code entry box which is on the page editing screen. This is because the coursefinder shortcode also needs the UCAS code in order to retrieve data from the coursefinder system. If you set default options, and enter the UCAS code in this way, you can embed the KIS widget in the page anywhere by simply using [kis].