Coursefinder API

Appendix: Coursefinder API

Retrieves course with specified ID


Retrieves course with specified major code and type


Retrieves a course with specified UCAS code and term


Retrieves a paginated list of all courses within a given category


Retrieves a paginated list of all courses matching term and type


Retrieves a paginated list of all courses matching specified faculty and term
Can be optionally modified by type



Retrieves a paginated list of all courses matching specified initial letter and term Can be optionally modified by type



Retrieves a paginated list of all courses matching the supplied query and term Can be optionally modified by type. The query can contain operators AND / OR.



Term format: 201213

Faculty format: Spaces to underscores. e.g Faculty_of_Arts


Letters: AZ

Other attributes:

page (optional. default 1)

per_page (optional. default 10; max 100.)

api_key (compulsory) 1c2ef953e8550b31cb58da892965a9ee

Appendix: List of category IDs in use

ID Category name
20178 Academic Unit of Elderly Care and Rehabilitation…
20081 Astbury Centre for Structural Molecular Biology
20176 Division of Epidemiology and Biostatistics
20141 Institute for Particle Science and Engineering
20181 Nuffield Centre for International Health and Dev…
20014 About
20179 Academic Unit of Health Economics
20183 Academic Unit of Learning and Teaching
20182 Academic Unit of Primary Care
124992 Academic Unit of Public Health
20088 Accounting and Finance
20102 AIMTech Research Group
20078 Antimicrobial Research Centre
20051 Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies
20101 Banking and Financial Services (International Inst…
103100 Biology
20094 Centre for Advanced Studies in Finance
20061 Centre for Chinese Business Development
20143 Centre for Computational Fluid Dynamics
20095 Centre for Decision Research
20096 Centre for Employment Relations Innovation and Cha…
20180 Centre for Health and Social Care
20122 Centre for Interdisciplinary Gender Studies
20097 Centre for International Business
20157 Centre for Molecular Nanosciences
20098 Centre for Organisational Strategy, Learning and C…
20083 Centre for Plant Sciences
20063 Centre for Translation Studies
20064 Centre for World Cinemas
20170 Child Dental Health
20047 Classics
20186 Clinical Trials Research Unit
30332 Coursefinder
20099 Credit Management Research Centre
30297 Culture
20171 Dental Surgery
20159 Department of Applied Mathematics
20158 Department of Colour Science
20161 Department of Statistics
20174 Division of Cardiovascular and Diabetes Research
20175 Division of Cardiovascular and Neuronal Remodellin…
20177 Division of Medical Physics
20065 East Asian Centre
20052 East Asian Studies
20089 Economics
20139 Energy and Resources Research Institute
20029 Faculties
20162 Faculty Graduate School
20030 Faculty of Arts
20031 Faculty of Biological Sciences
20032 Faculty of Business
20033 Faculty of Education, Social Sciences and Law
20034 Faculty of Engineering
20035 Faculty of Environment
20036 Faculty of Mathematics and Physical Sciences
20037 Faculty of Medicine and Health
20038 Faculty of Performance, Visual Arts and Communications
20053 French
20054 German
20080 Graduate School of Biological Sciences
30320 Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Biologic…
20044 Institute for Colonial and Postcolonial Studies
30321 Institute for Computational and Systems Science
20140 Institute for Materials Research
20046 Institute for Medieval Studies
30319 Institute for Pathogen Control Engineering
30318 Institute for Resilient Infrastructure
20148 Institute for Transport Studies
20208 Institute of Communications Studies
30322 Institute of Engineering Systems and Design
20137 Institute of Integrated Information Systems
20070 Institute of Integrative and Comparative Biology
30324 Institute of Medical and Biologcial Engineering
20068 Institute of Membrane and Systems Biology
20136 Institute of Microwaves and Photonics
20069 Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology
20169 Institute of Psychological Sciences
30323 Institute of Thermofluids, Surfaces and Interfaces
20067 Inter-Disciplinary Ethics Applied
20090 International Business
20055 Italian
20224 Joint Honours
20164 Leeds Institute of Genetics, Health and Therapeuti…
20166 Leeds Institute of Health Sciences
20168 Leeds Institute of Molecular Medicine
20087 Leeds University Business School
20253 Lifelong Learning Centre
20057 Linguistics and Phonetics
20091 Management
20092 Marketing
20185 Medical Education Unit
101000 Medicine and Dentistry
20085 Multidisciplinary Cardiovascular Research Centre
20184 Nuffield Centre for International Health and Devel…
20172 Oral Biology
20048 Philosophy
40000 Research
20173 Restorative Dentistry
20058 Russian and Slavonic Studies
20151 School of Chemistry
20131 School of Civil Engineering
20132 School of Computing
20209 School of Design
20146 School of Earth and Environment
20104 School of Education
20133 School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering
20040 School of English
20210 School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural St…
20152 School of Food Science and Nutrition
20147 School of Geography
20165 School of Healthcare
20041 School of History
20042 School of Humanities
20105 School of Law
20153 School of Mathematics
20134 School of Mechanical Engineering
20167 School of Medicine
20043 School of Modern Languages and Cultures
20211 School of Music
20212 School of Performance and Cultural Industries
20154 School of Physics and Astronomy
20106 School of Politics and International Studies
20135 School of Process, Environmental and Materials Eng…
20107 School of Sociology and Social Policy
20187 Section of Epidemiology & Biostatics
20188 Section of Experimental Haematology
20189 Section of Experimental Therapeutics
20190 Section of Gastroenterology
20191 Section of Genetics
20192 Section of Medicine, Surgery & Anaesthesia
20193 Section of Musculoskeletal Disease
20194 Section of Oncology
20195 Section of Ophthalmology & Neuroscience
20196 Section of Pathology & Tumour Biology
20059 Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies
20163 The Leeds Dental Institute
20049 Theology and Religious Studies
30333 UCAS Extra
20011 Undergraduate
20071 Undergraduate School of Biological Sciences
20093 Work and Employment Relations
125107 Workshop Theatre