Columns shortcode

You can create columns within content by wrapping content in shortcodes like this:

This will produce the following:

[column total=”2″]
This text will be in the first column
[column total=”2″ last=”1″]
This text will be in the second column

The atttributes you can use for the shortcode are detailed below:


All column shortcodes should be wrapped in a row shortcode which can have the following attributes:

The width of the row containing the columns – can be a percentage or any other HTML unit (default: 100%).
This will float the row on the page and can have the values left, right, centre or none (default).
This will clear any floated elements and can have values left, right, none or both (default).
This allows you to specify a CSS class for the row


Column shortocdes can have the following attributes:

The total number of columns which are contained within the row. This value must be set (default: 2).
This will cause the column to span across multiple columns
This indicates whether the column is the last one in the series – only add this for the last column and give it the value 1