Theme Options

Access the theme options under the Appearance menu in the dashboard – here is an explanation of the contents of each of the tabs on this page:

General Settings

Under Area above branding block (in UOL header) you can put text which will be displayed in the black band above the site header. You can also add a URL which will be linked from the text.

Under Site Search you can either turn the search box off altogether, use the default WordPress Search engine (which will do a database search on the site content), or specify a Google Search appliance name. The WordPress search will only search the contents of pages and posts, whereas Google Search Appliances search the contents of uploaded PDFs, word documents and other uploaded files it is capable of indexing – they are also capable of indexing across different URLs. Search Appliances need to be set up by the university webmaster.

If you want to use Analytics on the site, enter your Google Analytics ID in the box provided. Also ensure that your privacy policy page contains details of the cookies used – see the Common Elements section for examples.

If you include pages for undergraduate programmes, they must contain the KIS widget, and if the page uses tabs, the widget must be placed in the first tab. You can set the default options for the KIS widget here – the options are summarised in the UNISTATS widget user guide available on this page.

Page Layouts

Use these to set the default page layouts for the site which will be applied when you are creating new pages, and the default layout for pages which list other pages. These settings can be overriden by each page on the site.

Branding block, headers and captions

Use the colour selection tools on this page to set the main colour scheme for the site.

Text and Border colours

Use the colour selection tools on this page to set the colours of links, borders and backgrounds for different elements.


This page allows you to change the default height of autocropped images to different values, and change the colour scheme used in the embedded audio player.