University of Leeds WordPress Theme

There is a WordPress theme available which is based on the University of Leeds Web Toolkit. The theme is developed using git and is used in this service for all subdomains.

Theme versions

There are currently two versions of the theme in use:

1.1 (download zip)
Major development ceased on this version in October 2012.

1.2 (download zip)
Major development ceased on this version in December 2014.

The 1.2.1 and master branches are where most development effort is now focused, and should be considered unstable.

Getting the Theme

The theme is maintained in a git repository on the github website

Although there are some tagged releases on github, various issues with the theme which have been identified since these releases were tagged makes them slightly buggy (but usable). The best way to get the theme at the moment is to clone either the 1.1 or 1.2 branches using git, or click on the links above to get a zip archive of the latest version in each branch.

You can download git for most platforms on the git website or use your system’s package manager to install it.

To clone one of the stable branches:

git clone
git checkout 1.2

From version 1.3 onwards, the theme will use the automatic update mechanism provided by the github updater plugin.

Theme Features

The theme can be customised to adopt different colour schemes and page layouts, and includes:

  • a custom post type for news (to keep this separate from the blog)
  • slideshow and gallery shortcodes
  • a video embedding shortcode for LUTube
  • KIS widget and course feed embedding shortcodes

Reporting Issues

Please report any issues with the theme via the GitHub Issue tracker.