Adding Images

Please ensure that any images used on the site are Copyright free or have Creative Commons licenses which allow their re-use and adaptation to the sizes used on the site (i.e. allows derivatives to be made). If you source images from Flickr, use the advanced search form, or use a service such as Compfight.

Make sure the Creative commons box is checked at the bottom of the form, and that “Find content to modify, adapt, or build upon” is checked. Flickr images should be credited to their creators by linking to the image and the user profile in the caption, as well as linking to the Creative commons license the image was issued under. An example of the code used to do this is:

<p>Photo used under <a href="[license URL]">Creative Commons</a> from <a href="[photo URL">[Flickr username]</a></p>

If you use Compfight, they provide you with the appropriate credit in HTML format.

Image Sizes

The templates for the University theme should contain images with the following dimensions:

  • 940 x 252 pixels (full page width)
  • 760 x 252 pixels (page width minus left sidebar)
  • 700 x 252 pixels (page width minus right sidebar)
  • 520 x 252 pixels (page width minus both sidebars)
  • 340 x 162 pixels (2 columns)
  • 160 x 198 pixels (1 column, portrait)
  • 160 x 72 (1 column)

While the image widths are set (the theme uses a fixed width layout split into columns), the heights of images can be different to the above (252), but must always be divisible by 18 (the line height). WordPress creates derivative images at these sizes which can be used on pages or posts.

Featured images

Posts and pages can have “Featured images” set on them. At present, these are used on posts listing pages and in when the [child_pages] or [post_list] shortcodes are used.