User Editor Plugin

This plugin was developed using information from this blog post:

How to Allow Administrators to Edit Users in a WordPress Network

About the plugin

The purpose of the plugin is to allow Administrators (and Editors) on a WordPress network to edit user profiles. By default, WordPress Multisite installations only allow the super administrator to edit user profiles, as the user database is shared between all the sites on the network, and different users can have different roles on different sites (they could be a Subscriber on one site, and an Administrator on another).

The plugin was developed for a network of sites where the WordPress profile was being used to display user information via the Staff Profiles Plugin. It was neccessary to allow Administrators and Editors to edit these profiles – the setup was relatively simple (the only users who were members of more than one site were super-admins) though. I wouldn’t recommend using this plugin in an environment where you don’t trust users on the network – although a lot of potential security risks are guarded against (see the comments on the above post), there may be some which aren’t accounted for.