Create a reflective video (Task 2)

Over the last four weeks, you have been gathering digital files on your mobile device or flip camera, and hopefully by now will have uploaded them onto your computer (if not, see sections 3. and 4. of the video editing tutorial).  The main benefit in terms of learning and reflection will come from reviewing and making sense of your ‘mobile reflections’.  The way that you will do this is to make an edited reflective video.

Editing a video enables you to review the material that you’ve gathered so far, and at the simplest level, to remind yourself of those reflections.  It enables you to put the material together-  so that you can see the development of your ideas over time, or perhaps juxtapose and contrast ideas and observations.  It also enables you to edit the digital files to emphasise the most useful material.  You can overlay spoken narrative, sounds, or text to add layers of reflection and sense-making, or to overlay contextual references.

Task Two

Work through the video editing tutorial presentation to create your own reflective video.  The presentation talks about the stages involved in creating a reflective video.  Embedded within it are short ‘how to’ video tutorials to teach you how to use Movie Maker.  If you are already familiar with video editing software, you can obviously skip these and use your own.

As you edit your video, form your reflective files into a ‘narrative’ that makes sense to you.  This might be a story with a beginning, middle and end, or it might be a fractured narrative.  Alllow your creative sensibilities (or gut instinct) to guide you in manipulating your video, choosing what to include or cut out, and how you juxtapose your videos and images.


You can make your video as long as you like, but for the purposes of sharing in the workshop, it would be helpful if you could create a 3 minute video (or choose a 3 minute section of your video to share).

Uploading and sharing

Please upload your 3 minute video to YouTube.  If you don’t want it to be public, change the privacy settings to ‘unlisted’.  We will then be able to see it with the link, but it won’t be listed on YouTube.

Please post a link to your video in the comments below by 9th July.  

If you have any questions (technical or otherwise) please post them as a comment on our Forum page.  This is because other participants may benefit from seeing the answers, and indeed may HAVE some of the answers!


Introductions (Task One)

This is our space for the online workshop for the Mobile Reflections project.  I will post tutorials and tasks here during the workshop period.  I’m planning to open the workshop from the 1st July so that you can start organising your mobile reflections into an edited reflective video or digital story.

TASK ONE: Please briefly introduce yourself to the other participants by leaving a comment underneath this post by the 1st July.  Include a brief summary of your aims for the project, and how you’ve been using mobile reflections so far.