Custom Plugin Development

If you are developing your own plugins, or commissioning the development work to one of the university’s approved suppliers, or to any other contractor, please read these guidelines carefully.

Available Plugins

A full list of all plugins currently available in this service is available on the WordPress Plugins page.

If the plugin you wish to use is not present on this list, please contact us so we can test the plugin and make sure it works within this installation. Some plugins may be incompatible with others which are already in use on other sites in this installation.

Plugin updates

Plugins which are downloaded and used from the plugin repository at are always updated as soon as the new version of them becomes available. This may cause unexpected behaviour on your site under some circumstances.

If you have commissioned a custom plugin from an external supplier, you will need to pass on any details of the contract you have with the supplier to us so updates can be applied to your plugin as they become available. This may mean that you will need to purchase a support contract with the plugin vendor, or it may mean that an additional plugin will need to be installed to allow for these updates to be applied automatically. Prior to commissioning a custom plugin, you will need to find out how updates are applied and pass on the information to us.