Fine Art Degree show site launched

shiftleedsThe website for the Fine Art Degree Show 2015 was launched today. The University of Leeds Fine Art Degree Show 2015 brings together 36 artists, working across media.

The site showcases work by all the artists and holds information about events leading up to and during the degree show, as well as a degree show blog.

Visit the site here:


We are experiencing a shift – a shift in position, from undergraduate studies to the wider world. We are shifting gears, in the face of an ending, turning studio space into gallery space. We are working a shift – a stint of labour that will propel us from here to there. We are seeing a shift in emphasis- from a UK art scene focused in London, to diverse, vibrant cultures in Northern cities. Leeds is a leader, beginning to shift – from an industrial past to a creative heartland.


Centre for Interdisciplinary Genders Studies site re-launched

cigsThe website for the Centre for Interdisciplinary Genders Studies has been re-developed in WordPress and was launched here this week. The old site was becoming difficult to maintain – moving the site into WordPress will enable researchers and academics at the Centre to contribute to the site more easily, and start to run a blog about their research activities.

The new site can be accessed at


The Centre brings together over 170 academic staff from across the arts and humanities, social sciences, medicine and healthcare studies.  We have strong links with other Centres in the School and work particularly closely with The Centre for Disability Studies; The Centre for Families Life Course and Generations and The Centre for Health, Technologies and Social Practice.

Translating Science for Young People

translating-scienceA new project in the School of Education launched its website this week: Translating Science for Young People. The project is led by Professor Elena Semino (Lancaster University), Dr Shirley Paul and Professor Alice Deignan (University of Leeds).

The aim of the project is to identify how scientific knowledge relating to the topic of climate change is translated (or possibly mistranslated), across genres, and in texts accessed by young people aged 11-16 in the UK. The research focuses on texts produced around climate change since this is an issue central to young people’s future lives as active citizens.

New plugin activated to fix admin bar

admin-barA new plugin has been installed and activated on this site which fixes the problems we were having with incorrect URLs in the WordPress admin bar when viewing the live site. The plugin adds a filter to the admin_url hook which alters the URL of all admin links so they work in our current setup, whether the site is domain-mapped or not.

The plugin is being maintained on GitHub:

New site launched for ESRC seminar series

eadmThe seminar series will be made up of six research seminars (in 2015 – 2016) followed in 2017-8 by a 2-day workshop and a European symposium.

This seminar series offers a timely opportunity to reflect upon the implementation of legislation such as the Scottish Adults with Incapacity Act 2000, the English Mental Capacity Act 2005 and the Austrian Advance Directives Law 2006, and to consider ongoing debates such as those in the Republic of Ireland following the publication of the Irish Law Commission’s report and draft Mental Capacity (Advance Care Directives) Bill, 2009.

The seminar series will encourage a more critical and constructive assessment of the law relating to advance decision-making within Europe, interlinking legal discourse with policy and practice discourses on aspects of mental health and mental capacity law, promoting a multi-perspective dialogue and analysis. It will bring together leading researchers, practitioners, PhD students and third sector workers (hospices and health charities) from across Europe.

Performing Brahms Symposium site launched

performing-brahmsPerforming Brahms in the Twenty-first Century: A Symposium on Performing Practice will take place from June 30 to July 2, 2015

The Symposium seeks to bring together scholars, students, and professional musicians interested in historical performance, providing a forum in which they can exchange ideas and experiment with them in practice. In this way, scholars can help professional performers to engage practically with the latest research, while performers can help to refine, or even redefine the scholar’s research questions.

Move to new server

server-moveOn Thursday 27 November 2014, this WordPress installation was moved to a new server to increase its scalability, resilience and improve speed.

Originally, this collection of sites was hosted on the University’s web hosting service, along with a multitude of other sites across the University. However, as the service grew in popularity, some limitations started to be reached, most notably the number of domains which could be hosted there. Now the service is hosted on its own Virtual Machine, meaning that the capacity for hosting new sites has been greatly increased, and the installation now has a greater degree of autonomy, so the infrastructure can be tuned to deliver the best possible performance.

Part of the move also involved removing older sites from the installation, upgrading themes for some sites, and a general audit of the sites currently hosted here. It also paved the way for the possibility of updating some of the plugins and themes in the installation automatically from their repositories on github, using the github updater plugin.

“Overall this has been a really successful project. Unfortunately in IT it is often the case that highly complex, technically demanding changes such as this go completely un-noticed if everything goes to plan.”